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Do in minutes what once took hours

Today’s audiences want more content on more platforms. To help you meet that demand, MediaCentral | Production Management greatly simplifies and accelerates your entire media production workflow, without compromising creativity or quality. This fully customizable MediaCentral workflow module enables broadcast, sports, and post-production teams to manage the content creation process, automate workflows, and empower collaboration—all from a simple web or mobile app interface—so projects move easily in parallel and work gets done faster.



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Deliver your content at lightning speed

Product highlights

  • Increase production capacity
  • Expand into new opportunities
  • Turn around content lightning fast, with near-instant playout
  • Scale production to your workflow
  • Whether you have a single facility or multiple locations worldwide, MediaCentral | Production Management enables contributors around the world to work on projects simultaneously using a simple web interface or mobile app. Easily check in and out of projects, and centralize media management. With intelligence applied to every asset, media becomes easier to locate, use, and repurpose. And teams can stay focused on creating content rather than managing it.
  • MediaCentral | Production Management gives your organization the capacity to do more, from developing new programming, to extending your reach into new markets and platforms. Used in conjunction with Media Composer | Cloud Remote, it enables fully remote Media Composer | Ultimate editing, opening new possibilities for workgroups. And when paired with the MediaCentral | Publish app and MediaCentral | Distribute multiplatform distribution service, you can publish content to audiences across multiple platforms and devices faster and more effectively.
  • Take content creation and playout to a whole new level of speed, efficiency, and creativity. The Avid FastServe family makes media instantly accessible to production teams around the world. These video servers enable you to log content live as it happens, and facilitate ingest, playout, or replay in near real time—even at UHD resolutions. Live broadcast and sports workflows have never been this fast.
  • From small post-production teams to large media enterprises with thousands of connected users, MediaCentral | Production Management can be scaled for any workflow. Accessible through both MediaCentral | Cloud UX web and mobile app interfaces, it integrates seamlessly with Media Composer | Ultimate, Avid NEXIS, Maestro graphics solutions, Adobe Premiere Pro, and a wide range of third-party solutions to connect and streamline your production workflow.

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