Manipulate pitch and time in real time with ARA 2 integration

Get unrivaled access to all the musical details in your audio recordings and samples to fix pitchy notes, create harmonies, adjust timing, transpose sections, change tempo, produce unique effects, and much more. Melodyne is a powerful note-based audio editing tool that enables you to correct, enhance, or completely transform vocal and instrument performances, quickly and easily.

Melodyne 5 essential is included with all Pro Tools subscriptions and with active support plans for Pro Tools perpetual license holders and provides the core features—but not all the advanced functionality—of higher editions. And with ARA 2 integrated into Pro Tools, you can now work with Melodyne directly within the Edit window, eliminating audio roundtripping.


Screenshot of ARA Melodyne in Pro Tools

Reshape sounds with more musical results
Melodyne uses sophisticated analysis that delves deeply into your recordings, identifying all notes and recognizing the musical relationships between them. This enables you to edit the pitch, vibrato, volume, sibilants, length, timing, and formants of any note* easily—without detection—using ingenious algorithms that deliver superior sound.

Correct pitch naturally
With smart tools for pitch correction that enable you to modify the intonation and vibrato* of a performance, you can make vocals sound perfectly in tune while keeping the vitality, presence, and penetration of the performance intact. The result is a flawless vocal track that sounds like it’s never been touched.

Vocalist singing into microphone
Screenshot of editing in Melodyne essential

Perfect performances with greater expression
A good vocal performance also depends on proper timing, phrasing, and dynamics. With Melodyne, you can adjust the position, length, and internal timing of notes; their volume and the way they fade in and out; and tame unpleasant sibilants, consonants, and breath noises (some controls are only in higher Melodyne editions).

Modify any instrument or sample
Melodyne isn’t just for vocals—you can use it on any recorded or sampled sound. With Melodyne essential, you can edit individual notes of monophonic sources, such as percussive and single-note instruments, and transpose, quantize, and re-tempo all types of instruments. With higher editions, you can edit all types of instruments and even edit single notes within chords.

Musician playing guitar
Melodyne magnifying glass looking at audio waveform

Experiment and edit with exceptional speed
Whether you’re correcting a performance or embellishing one with extreme effects, getting the results you want is fast and easy. Its unique “blobs” approach to editing enables you to not only hear but see, move, and modify notes intuitively. You can even make modifications automatically through intelligent macros.

Want to edit notes within chords and access more advanced features?

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* Melodyne 5 essential provides basic but not full functionality for some functions, while other advanced functions are only available in higher editions of Melodyne. See the Celemony Melodyne Editions page to compare details of all versions.