Mixing Dolby Atmos Music

Dolby Atmos isn’t just about movies. It’s an immersive new way to listen to and experience music, where every sonic detail surrounds your senses, putting you inside the song. You don’t just hear it—you feel it. And Pro Tools empowers you to make it, expanding your production possibilities.
Record producer Giles Martin in a studio
Why mix music in Dolby Atmos? Hear from Giles Martin, Bradley Cooper, Yousef, deadmau5, Perry Farrell, Imogen Heap, Vince Wilburn Jr, and Erin Davis about what Atmos brings to listeners.

Audio engineer Dave Way solo photo
Hear why Grammy-winning producer/mixer/engineer Dave Way (Fiona Apple, BTS, Pink) is “a big believer” in mixing music in Dolby Atmos

Three Things to Know

Darrell Thorp shares his top 3 takeaways about mixing music in Dolby Atmos
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Advanced Tips & Tricks

Create great sounding immersive music mixes with these 22 tips
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After the Mix

What you need to know about delivering Dolby Atmos Music mixes to listeners
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