Pro Tools Studio is the core of a complete music production system, providing you with a customizable, end-to-end environment for every stage of creation. From non-linear clip launching to world-class editing and mixing, tackle your most ambitious visions with advanced features that power you through the most demanding projects. 

Here’s what software, plugins, virtual instruments, and sounds are included with Pro Tools Studio.

Included Software and Rewards


* Included with annual subscriptions and Upgrade plans for Pro Tools Artist, Pro Tools Studio, and Pro Tools Ultimate perpetual licenses only
** Included with monthly and annual Pro Tools subscriptions and Upgrade plans for perpetual licenses

Audio Tools

  • Click II
  • DC Offset Removal (AudioSuite only)
  • Dither
  • Down Mixer
  • Duplicate (AudioSuite only)
  • Gain (AudioSuite only)
  • InTune
  • Invert (AudioSuite only)
  • MasterMeter
  • Normalize (AudioSuite only)
  • Pitch II
  • Pitch Shift (AudioSuite only)
  • POW-r Dither
  • Reverse (AudioSuite only)
  • ReWire
  • Signal Generator
  • Time Adjuster
  • Time Compression/Expansion (AudioSuite only)
  • Time Shift (AudioSuite only)
  • Trim
  • X-Form

Special Offers

  • Get a 3-month extended trial of SoundFlow Cloud Pro with an annual Pro Tools Studio subscription or 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plan for Pro Tools Studio perpetual licenses