Extending the power of the proven, collaborative production tools the media and entertainment industry relies on daily, Avid NEXIS | EDGE enables editors to work from anywhere with the same media access, workflow, and user experience as if they were editing at the facility. And with the web client, team members can find, organize, storyboard, edit, and review content at the facility, at home, or on location, extending the limits of what’s possible.

Avid NEXIS | EDGE is now included with Media Composer | Enterprise subscriptions.

Edit from anywhere

Work remotely leveraging the known and trusted resources of your facility and get the same experience as editing in-house. And change location without changing your workflow—even when disconnected from the Internet.

Get easy access to your media

Avid NEXIS | F2 and F2X storage solution hardware rack-mounted in a server room

Securely access content on your on-premises Avid NEXIS storage from anywhere and share projects and media directly from your Media Composer | Enterprise or Avid NEXIS | EDGE web client software.

Create simple sequences

Avid NEXIS | EDGE web client zoomed-in on media player window with a marker being shown in the storyboard tab

Enable assistants and story editors to contribute from anywhere. Mark in and out points, pull selects, storyboard ideas, and create stringouts and rough cuts using the web browser-based drag-and-drop timeline.

Edit wherever you go

Avid Media Composer | Enterprise in an edit bay with a Media Composer keyboard, many screens and editing tools, and a cat exploring the work environment

Media Composer | Enterprise editors can leverage the unique proxy workflow, enabling you to switch between high-res and proxy right in the timeline. And go from facility to working remotely—with no relink or conform.

Disconnect without downtime

Lifestyle with cow on a farm with Media Composer | Enterprise and Avid NEXIS | EDGE being used for remote editing of a documentary on a laptop

Copy high-res media, proxies, and bins to a local drive all in one step, so you can pack up a project quickly when you know you’re going to be offline or air-gapped. Once reconnected, you can copy media back to Avid NEXIS remotely.

Work with anyone

Expand your distributed workforce worldwide to bring in the talent you want, no matter where they live. Media Composer | Enterprise and web client users can collaborate fully, while Adobe Premiere Pro users can leverage EDGE to browse and search for media. As projects ramp up or down, you can scale your team quickly as needed, without constraint or physical boundaries.

Connect your entire team

Lifestyle of video post team working on Mac

Avid NEXIS | EDGE delivers a secure proxy workflow for Media Composer | Enterprise editors and a web-based toolset for all contributors to collaborate together, enabling faster project turnaround.

Expedite review and approvals

Lifestyle of video post team reviewing content in a conference room

No need to be present in the editing room. Producers, directors, showrunners, marketing execs, and others can review the latest cuts and content anywhere inside or outside of your facility using just a web browser.

Jumpstart projects quickly

Avid NEXIS | EDGE web client on display with sequence in playback mode

With the web client, assistant editors, story editors, and production assistants can connect securely to your on-prem Avid NEXIS system to move post projects in parallel with production—as soon as dailies are delivered.

Expand your talent pool

Lifestyle of woman working in Media Composer | Enterprise with Avid NEXIS | EDGE in an edit bay

Bring in and retain the editing talent you really want—regardless of their location. Without the logistics challenges, you can hire editors who are local to an on-location production, giving your organization more resource flexibility.

Lifestyle of male editor working at a facility

Create with the tools you love

As a fully integrated panel within Media Composer | Enterprise, Avid NEXIS | EDGE connects with your on-premises Avid NEXIS shared storage, optimizing your editing workflow without changing it. Enjoy the same familiar shared projects workflow, including genuine Avid bin locking, no matter where you are.

Simplify your workflow

With its zero-relink workflow and smart technology that automatically adapts to the latency and bandwidth of your connection to provide an optimal user experience, Media Composer editors can go from working at the facility to working at home without the headaches. And teams can move from project prep and editing to finishing, review, and delivery with less stress.

Gain new efficiencies

Avid Media Composer | Distributed Processing overview animation

Log assets with richer metadata using the web client for better search results. And offload processor-heavy media tasks and export finished content from high-res sources through Media Composer | Distributed Processing.

Empower marketing teams

Lifestyle of male editor in edit bay with hands up showing he's pleased with his work

Enable trailer editors and digital marketing teams to browse, search, access, edit, and collaborate on content from anywhere in parallel with the post-production team to generate buzz for the latest projects.

Find clips fast

Avid NEXIS | EDGE web client zoomed-in on phonetic search capabilities

Get easy access to all your assets right from within your Avid editing interface or your web browser. Even find all clips that contain specific dialogue in seconds with PhraseFind or the Phonetic Index option.

Get scalability with lowered costs

Lifestyle of Avid NEXIS | EDGE male assistant editor working remotely at an outdoor cafe

Easily add editors and contributors to your workflow with a simple subscription. And because anyone can contribute without requiring full-featured editing software, you can cut costs and training expenses too.

Whitepaper graphic of Avid NEXIS | EDGE proxy workflow 

Why a new proxy approach?

Get a deep technical dive into what makes the Avid NEXIS | EDGE proxy workflow special

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