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Save Up to 85% with Sibelius Education Discounts

We believe every student should be equipped with the best tools. That’s why Sibelius Ultimate is available at a discount to all students, teachers, and schools wishing to teach and learn Sibelius—now from 50% to 85% off.

For individuals

If you're a student, teacher, or educator, you can get Sibelius Ultimate Education Pricing for as little as $9.99 USD/month.

Plus, get powerful classroom tools, worksheets, and helpful features for teachers and tutors looking for new ways to teach and learn music notation across all platforms—Mac, Windows, and mobile. See if you qualify for academic eligibility.

A Sibelius Ultimate license entitles you to use the application on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, phone and Chromebook. With flexible Cloud Licensing, you simply log in and go!

Music for the modern classroom

Education happens everywhere, and Sibelius is no different. With AI-powered features that help students grow and understand music, and consistent updates that push the limits in notation and scoring, you're guaranteed to have the latest technology in your classroom.

Now with flexible and scalable licensing and deployment options, you can get Sibelius on every device you need it—whether you have school computers and iPads or personal devices. Teach and learn virtually anywhere, even through a combination of network and team licensing.

Bring Sibelius Ultimate and every added feature designed specifically for education to your classroom with 85% off an annual subscription.


There are two types of licensing to suit your style of teaching and learning. Whether you prefer a traditional classroom, a flipped classroom, or you work remotely on iPads, there’s a system designed for you.

Team Licensing for students and teachers

Team licensing is a new and easy way to deploy and manage licenses for students and teachers across their own devices. Rather than buying a fixed number of seats that can only be used on school computers, team licensing allows school administrators to hand out individual licenses so your students and staff can have Sibelius Ultimate on any of their personal devices.

Administrators can set up users using only the user’s name and email address, and assign a product license to each member. This can be batch processed using CSV upload within the admin console in their account.

Each user then gets an invitation to create a MyAvid account and redeem a license for Sibelius Ultimate. Users are then provided with the downloads and entitlement to use Sibelius Ultimate on any of their devices: Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android tablets, phones and Chromebooks. 

Once assigned, licenses can be unassigned and reassigned as classes change and students enroll and graduate.

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On-prem licensing with the Network License Server

Schools can start teaching Sibelius on classroom computers through the network license. Using a centralized License Server application on a school server, administrators can activate licenses on any number of computers connected to your network.

This is perfect for network administrators because it allows one license on your centralized server to control deployment across your entire network. Plus, with Classroom Control features included, managing students’ files, machines, and more is easy.

For schools needing Sibelius on their Windows and Mac computers, this is the type of licensing we recommend.

Music created anywhere can be edited and reviewed by anyone, anywhere. Learning can be done in classrooms in school or remotely, allowing ultimate flexibility.


On-prem multi-seat license
for classroom use

Annual subscription
Manage all licenses on school computers through one server



($2.50 per seat/month)

Windows / macOS

Flexible team license
for BYOD and home use

Annual subscription
Distribute personal licenses to staff and students



($2.50 per seat/month)

Windows / macOS / iOS / iPadOS / Android

Transitioning your school to network and team licensing

New to Sibelius?

Bring Sibelius to your classrooms with a network license and start installing and controlling Sibelius Ultimate on as many computers as you need. For your students and staff who bring their own devices into school or do homework and classwork at home, the team license will be the perfect choice.

For schools with a hybrid learning setup, a hybrid licensing setup is ideal. It includes:

  • One network license to cover your in-school computers
  • One team license to cover all students and staff needing Sibelius Ultimate

For schools that are completely remote or use iPads rather than desktop computers in the classroom, we recommend:

  • One team license for students and staff needing Sibelius Ultimate


For existing perpetual license holders

Schools with a perpetual license of Sibelius have been able to upgrade and stay current with a Software Update + Support plan for $29 USD/seat/year. This option will remain in place. But for schools looking to optimize flexibility and the value of their spending, a network subscription is ideal for use in the classroom, and a team license subscription is ideal for schools with staff and students using their own devices.


For existing multi-seat subscription license holders

If you’re already a subscriber, you’ll benefit from the new pricing when you next renew your license because it’s half the price you are used to paying. Supplement your overall license with a new team license to enable a hybrid of on-prem and flexible licenses for your staff and students. 

In the Classroom

Sibelius Ultimate is packed with features to help music teachers in the classroom. Start composing from musical snippets called Ideas. Access thousands of worksheets with the Worksheet Creator. And give teachers the power to manage students’ files, freeze machines, and more, with Classroom Control.


Sibelius comes with more than 2,000 built-in ideas spanning instruments and musical genres. If your students are stuck or searching for something to kickstart their creative process, they can find help in seconds.

Each idea is designed to be easily found through the search function, making it simple for students to find snippets that inspire them in seconds. Quickly add “chunks” of notation including text markings, chord symbols, diagrams, and more to scores. Or make your own and save it for later.

Ideas panel 852

Worksheet Creator

If you teach music, you know how long it can take to produce good curriculum materials. That's why we built the Worksheet Creator into Sibelius Ultimate, in collaboration with experienced teachers and educators.

Save time with ready-made teaching materials

The Worksheet Creator saves hours of time by giving you a comprehensive range of ready-made teaching materials, including over 1,700 worksheets, projects, exercises, songs, instrumental pieces, lyrics, posters, reference material, and other resources.

Individuals or groups can use the worksheets on paper or the computer. All of the materials are carefully designed to fulfill curriculum requirements and suit students of all ages. Even instrumental teachers and universities can find these useful—see the repertoire and reference material.

Plus, with features that randomize questions on worksheets and generate matching answer keys, teachers can give and grade tests and assessments in seconds.

Worksheet Creator 852

Creating a music worksheet

Choose from six main categories in the Worksheet Creator:

  • Elements of music covers music theory and musicianship.
  • Writing and creating music includes notation, transposing, arranging, composing, and improvising.
  • Selected repertoire has over 400 pieces for voice, piano, and other instruments, including songs in 14 different languages and 50 Bach keyboard pieces suitable for study, arranging, and performance. Plus, there are 45 poems to set to music.
  • Reference includes over 200 scales and modes, ranges of different instruments, etc.
  • Posters, flashcards, and games contains nearly 200 options, from notes and keys to pictures of instruments.
  • UK KS3 and GCSE projects has UK-specific projects from African drumming to serialism.

Each of these categories contains further sub-categories. For example, Elements of Music includes 14 areas, such as rhythm, scales, sight-reading, and ear training. With a few clicks, you can narrow down your choice to just what you need. Then, simply select how many questions you want, and the ready-to-use student worksheet and answer key are ready to go.


Using your own worksheet

All the materials in the Worksheet Creator are customizable, giving you the flexibility to adapt them to meet your class requirements. Or create your own worksheets from scratch using the blank templates.

Classroom Control

If you’re an educator using the License Server to teach Sibelius in one or more classrooms in your school, college, or university, you can use the Classroom Control feature to manage tasks from your own workstation. Access files on networked devices, send or retrieve materials from your students, and even “freeze” Sibelius on your students’ devices to ensure everyone in class is paying attention to you, and not on their composition.

Classroom Control is only available if you are running a network site license of Sibelius.

Classroom Control 852

Training from Avid

Training courses

We offer dedicated courses and certification that cover the whole application.


The multi-part video series helps you get started fast and make music as quickly as possible. These tutorials are designed mostly for those new to Sibelius, but existing users may also discover helpful tips along the way.