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Get the newsroom efficiency and management you need to accelerate reach, ratings, and revenue. As the next evolution of iNEWS—the industry’s preeminent newsroom system—MediaCentral | Newsroom Management is a fully customizable workflow module for MediaCentral, serving as the dynamic nerve center of story creation, management, and distribution. From newsgathering to on-air delivery, Newsroom Management enables you to create and deliver multiple angles of a story to larger and wider audiences across multiple channels, platforms, and devices. All while saving your organization time and operating costs.


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Product highlights

  • Break news first on every platform
  • Make the world your newsroom
  • Experience unprecedented integration
  • Do more with less
  • Whether you’re part of a smaller local or regional news operation, or a major global media enterprise, MediaCentral | Newsroom Management enables you to produce and deliver breaking stories faster across multiple platforms simultaneously. With its integrated workflows, teams can quickly create, collaborate, manage, and distribute a wider range of content for viewing on air, on websites, in mobile apps, and across social media channels. All directly from the MediaCentral | Cloud UX web or mobile app interface.
  • Wherever a story is happening, your team needs to be there. MediaCentral | Newsroom Management provides the remote access, tools, and capabilities journalists and producers need to ingest media; create, view, and edit stories; browse rundowns; and distribute content to multiple platforms directly in MediaCentral | Cloud UX—using any desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device.
  • MediaCentral | Newsroom Management seamlessly integrates with other MediaCentral workflow modules, apps, and platform-enabled solutions, as well as with iNEWS, enabling you to create and deliver content in new ways. From accessing remote footage from the field and integrating social media content, to dropping content directly into graphics templates ready to go for your on-air version of the story, MediaCentral | Newsroom Management enables you to create and deliver more compelling stories faster. Plus, it now offers integration with Maestro graphics solutions, making story creation even more efficient.
  • MediaCentral | Newsroom Management gives journalists, assignment editors, producers, and news directors swift access to moment-by-moment status information, feeds, stories, and rundowns. Manage and verify news playout status. Access media, no matter where it’s stored, using the global MediaCentral | Search app. And with its speed, reliability, and accuracy, teams can produce more content for more channels than ever before.

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