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Accelerate your media workflow

From powerful new editing capabilities and timesaving workflows, to expanded integration and connectivity, MediaCentral offers the most flexible and efficient way to create and deliver compelling content fast.

June 2020

Edit remotely and more creatively with advanced capabilities

Get many of the advanced editing features of Media Composer right in MediaCentral for remote workflows. Drag and drop multiple sequences to the timeline. Cut together more compelling stories with up to 4 video and 8 audio tracks. Fine-tune audio levels with per-segment audio gain. Extract and lift segments easily from sequences. Gain more control over audio and video dissolves. And much more.

MediaCentral edit remotely with advanced capabilities
Publish real-time graphics to digital outlets
Publish real-time graphics to digital outlets

MediaCentral now supports embedded (burned-in) editorial graphics, enabling all real-time graphics and video to be mixed down into a single post-ready file, so you can publish content to social media and other digital outlets faster and more easily.

Manage and secure systems remotely

No need for administrators to manage your system in-house. With the latest update, administrators can now see every client who is logged into the system, as well as their login location, from anywhere. They can also terminate a session remotely for the utmost security.

Manage and secure systems remotely with MediaCentral
View and edit time-based metadata with MediaCentral
View and edit time-based metadata more easily

Storyboard view enables you to see time-based metadata together with clip thumbnails in a unified screen, eliminating the back-and-forth switching between tabs. View, edit, and delete Production Management asset markers and restrictions. View the strata and segmentation of Asset Management assets. You can even hide the metadata or thumbnails to see just one view.

Boost efficiency

With more control and options for media search, including new Boolean operators, public saved searches, live searches, and more, you can get the right results faster and improve collaboration. You can also orchestrate workflows using Python scripting for further customization and archive files directly from FastServe | Playout.

More control and options for media search with MediaCentral

September 2019

Break stories first across digital platforms

Boost your brand, beat the competition, and expand your monetization opportunities by being the first to publish breaking news and sports highlights across multiple digital platforms. With MediaCentral | Publisher, powered by Wildmoka, you can create platform-tailored content quickly and publish it with a single click. All transcoding, content staging, and publishing is handled automatically, enabling you to spend more time creating content that drives traffic and revenue.

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Save tons of time when archiving stories

When using MediaCentral | Shared Library with Media Composer | Distributed Processing, you can now auto-consolidate Media Composer sequences when archiving a story. Save weeks of man-hours by automating and offloading laborious media tasks, freeing teams to focus on creating more content.

June 2019

Collaborate across multiple sites

MediaCentral now enables up to six production sites to connect, share content, and collaborate as if you’re all working together in the same facility. Search, browse, and play back media remotely with the same performance as if accessed locally.

4_Collaborate across busy NewsroomLifestyle_1000x600
2Log Appwhatsnew1000x600
Enhance search with the Log app

Log assets quickly and with more meaningful details. Ideal for sports and post production, the new Log app provides a customizable interface for loggers to make detailed notes (such as player/interviewee names, actions, and ratings) and mark in/out points quickly, enabling other team members to search large amounts of media and find the right clips faster.

Find media faster

With more intuitive search, a simple query builder, and expanded filtering (including by metadata, dates, and favorites), you can get the right results faster.

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February 2019

Integrate Maestro graphics into your workflow

MediaCentral now integrates with Maestro solutions, greatly speeding up the graphics creation process for quick-turnaround news and sports production. Easily browse, search for, and access MediaCentral-managed content from Maestro | Designer, Maestro | NewsMaestro | Live, and Maestro | PowerWall.

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Find the right clips faster

Looking for specific clips that contain certain spoken words or phrases? MediaCentral now supports phonetic indexing and search, making it easy to locate all relevant master clips across any indexed media library based on the dialogue it contains—right from your web browser or mobile device. Simply type a keyword or phrase to find all clips that contain the speech you seek.

2Search 201921000x600
3Gain more editing flexibility 3
Gain more editing flexibility

Using MediaCentral | Production Management and MediaCentral | Asset Management? You can now mix and match assets from both workflow modules in the same timeline for easier story creation. This gives you the flexibility to create shotlists in either module and edit content together from both systems using MediaCentral | Cloud UX—without having to move media.

Acquire volumes of media fast

Ingest entire media volumes (in addition to single assets) with the new MediaCentral | Ingest Qt desktop application or with the MediaCentral | Ingest  app in MediaCentral | Cloud UX.

4-Ingest feature_1000x600
5 Archive Media Composer audio files
Archive Media Composer audio files

In addition to the built-in content archive and restore commands in the MediaCentral | Panel for Media Composer, you can now also archive Media Composer-created voiceovers and other audio-only clips and sequences to MediaCentral | Shared Library.

December 2018

Speed up story creation and delivery

Whether you’re working in the studio on a desktop workstation or out in the field on your laptop or mobile device, MediaCentral | Cloud UX now puts even more editing power and media searching, moving, reviewing, publishing, and archiving capabilities at your fingertips.

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MediaCentral Speed-up Delivery Feature
MediaCentral Gain better editorial efficiency feature
Gain better editorial efficiency

MediaCentral | Editorial Management now makes it even easier for editors and production assistants to set up projects, create rough cuts and dailies, and streamline editing with new capabilities and insight into your media.

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Edit faster and more flexibly

For editors and other media professionals contributing to your active production, MediaCentral | Production Management offers better editorial efficiency and flexibility and extended workflows for archiving media and more.

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MediaCentral Simplify and Expand your Workflow Feature
Simplify and expand your news workflow

For journalists, producers, and other news production contributors, MediaCentral | Newsroom Management makes story and rundown creation and management even easier, whether you’re in the newsroom or reporting from the story site.

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Find and manage assets more easily

Gain more insight and better interaction with your media and find the assets you need fast with several new features, enhancements, and improvements offered in the latest version of MediaCentral | Asset Management.

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MediaCentral Get More Functionality and Peace of Mind Feature
Get more functionality and peace of mind

With support for CentOS 7.5, you gain greater security across MediaCentral, plus improved system security. The latest release also makes it easier to activate new MediaCentral apps, services, and connectors, and add new functionality to the platform with new licensing enhancements. And if you’re working with HDR media, all HDR metadata is preserved when using MediaCentral | Transfer to ensure proper color display.

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