Alliance Partner Program


Program Overview

In 2014, Avid launched the Avid MediaCentral Platform to unify workflows and help customers achieve the efficiency and productivity they need. Since then, the world’s leading media professionals and organizations have adopted the platform in staggering numbers. One of the reasons is because of the incredible level of openness and interoperability the platform offers.

Key to this success is the Avid Alliance Partner Program—a special partnership that allows developers to become Avid certified, access various levels of tools, achieve partner product certification, and access the Avid sales network. The program is designed to form the basis of an invaluable, multi-year partnership for the most reputed and mission-critical products required by customers. The Program offers a full and growing range of resources designed to help developers and their organizations connect their media solutions to the Avid MediaCentral Platform. These include the Avid Connectivity Program, Alliance Partner Certifications, and Alliance Partnerships. We invite you to explore our offerings further and to reach out to us at with your questions and feedback.

Program offerings

  • Avid Connectivity Program
  • Professional Certification
  • Alliance Partner Certification
  • Alliance Partnerships
  • The Avid Connectivity Program contains a large and growing collection of documentation, APIs and SDKs designed to enable the creation of products that connect seamlessly with the Avid Platform. Explore the Toolkits available for evaluation on our Connectivity Marketplace to learn more about our continually updated catalog of toolkits and view the documentation for evaluation. Peruse our support forums and prepare for professional certifications where available. When you are ready, follow our guidelines to obtain product licenses that enable you to use the Avid Connectivity Program to build your business. Strategic Alliance Partners will have access to a set of exclusive tools that enable specialized connectivity to the Avid MediaCentral platform and become certified with those tools.

  • Avid’s professional certification curriculum enables individuals to demonstrate their mastery of Toolkits available through the Avid Connectivity Program. Once you have reviewed the documentation for a Toolkit of interest, an Avid Certified Developer (ACD) assessment, where offered, is only a click away. Those who pass ACD assessments can use this designation to market their relevant expertise and to submit products for Alliance Partner Certification.

  • Work with Avid to have your solutions certified for Connectivity with the Avid MediaCentral Platform for promotion and resale through Avid Marketplace and the Avid Sales Network as an Alliance Partner. Get your plugins tested for publication on Avid Marketplace. Available by invitation, the Alliance Partner Certification Program differentiates your products, enabling Avid customers to purchase them with the confidence of a proven connection to the Avid Media Central Platform and front-line support by Avid.

  • Those selected as alliance partners through a careful vetting process, enjoy access to proprietary integration tools, cooperative technical and end-user support, the commercial advantages of Alliance Partner Certification, lower overall cost of support and the globally recognized digital and direct routes to market offered by Avid Marketplace and the Avid Sales Network. Find out how to apply.

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